Thursday, April 19, 2007

Blue's bath

This is one of my American Bulldogs, Blue. I just adore my dogs so you will see lots of posts about them in the future. Usually it is my job to give him his bath, by my boyfriend Shawn did last time, and I took the opportunity to shoot away. He looks really miserable but actually he really loves the bath, he grunts and moans the whole time with enjoyment!

Some nice comments from Amy

So Amy has sent me two really sweet emails after viewing her images on my site and at Pictage. I love it when brides are happy! It makes everything so worth while for me.
This is what she said:

Heather..I am speechless!! The preview pics are GORGEOUS!!! You made me and Frank and the kids look beautiful....I can't wait to see the rest of the pics!!!! Thank you seems so meaningless for what you do and did...We can't thank you enough...I have been teary eyed since I viewed your site..You capture such beautiful, perfect, and emotional moments..AMAZING
Talk to you soon....
The very happy and satisfied Mrs. Frank Ginter

Heather..the pictures are amazing..there are some beautiful pics...I have just been looking and looking..Thank you again...Everything is just amazing...I can't wait to start our book!!! You captured some incredible pics of my kids...everyone who has seen them says how awesome alfredo and roberto look..That was all I wanted.a nice picture of them and you did it...Thanks to u soon

Amy and Frank's wedding

I had so much fun photographing Amy and Frank's wedding. I met her through a mutual photographer friend. Amy had a huge family and there was activity all day long. There where children everywhere! Amy has 6 siblings and all their children where in the wedding party. Amy has two sons from a previous marriage who are in wheel chairs so it was really important to her to make them a part of the day too. Everyone had a ball and partied late into the night! Amy and Frank where so sweet together. Franks' tears during the best man's toasts made me cry. click here to see more photos on my website.