Friday, February 26, 2010

walking the dogs

Below is some film I shot this winter around my hood with my dogs. I love the grain of this film.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Costa Rica

On a dreary day like today I have Costa Rica on my mind. I just got back from a 10 day trip there. I feel homesick right now even though Costa Rica is not my home! When I was there I felt so close to nature and the abundance of photographic material. Listening to all the animals at night was the best lullaby ever. I miss the connection I felt with all my surroundings and this earth. I would LOVE to get to photograph weddings there! I am going to have to make it a goal this year! Don't get me wrong, Costa Rica is not an easy vacation and it is only for the adventuresome. I had my share of fire eating ants, fleas, eels, stifling heat, and did I mention sharks?! But one can get over that. I hope you can see that from the photos below. IF ANYONE NEEDS A PHOTOGRAPHER FOR A COSTA RICA WEDDING PLEASE KEEP ME IN MIND!

This is the first hotel we stayed at Cafetal Inn in the Central Valley. This was the view from our room. It use to be a coffee plantation.

The hotel owner told me this tree only produces these bright yellow flowers 4 days out of the year so I was very lucky to see it. He was so proud of his tree.

Then we stayed at Villas Nicholas in Manuel Antonio park area. This hotel was perfect, we even had our own balcony with a hammock. We hiked through the park until we came to this gorgeous cove and this is were we swam next to baby sharks, a puffer fish, and saw lots of monkeys.

Then we headed over to the hotel The Place in Malpais and Santa Teresa. These are remote surf spots hard to get to but worth the trip. Our hotel had a movie screen above the pool!

I had never seen stars like this in my life! It takes your breath away!

Now onto the Costa Rica dogs! Of course I made lots of friends and photographed all the dogs I saw. The Costa Rica people love their dogs. Most of them just run free on the beach but have owners and were very friendly. I saw my share of strays too. I was missing my Jody and Blue and want to bring them next time!

This guy lived at Villas Nicholas.

This puppy chased crabs for hours.

This guy became my best friend, for hours we played fetch! He loves the ocean!

I like that this one looks so cold that it could be the Arctic. It was actually 99 degrees that day, I felt so bad for these huskies, they did not move much.

Shawn made friends too!