Tuesday, January 22, 2008

a doggie weekend in Diaz Creek

It was our 14 year anniversary last weekend! We could not go away somewhere warm like I wanted, but Shawn and I took a mini doggie vacation to our friend's shore house in Diaz Creek, NJ. I think the main reason I like going here is because they allow me to bring my dogs (most people would not want these beasts in their home!) So it is really nice of them. They have a great piece of property with a huge yard that backs up to an open field and it is near the bay. Despite the cold weather my dogs had a blast! The dogs go swimming no matter what the temperature!

Jody's expression of pure delight is the whole reason to come here!

Can you believe this dog lives in my house?

The back yard is very barren in the winter.

Somebody needed to warm up.

I took some of these over the past couple years. This one below is my favorite of Jody and is hanging as a 20x30 print in our dining room.

I took the ones below last summer of Rob and DeVaughn's place. I love their yard!

This is an old chicken coup.

The outdoor shower.

The view of the pasture.

The garage, DeVaughn has worked hard to plant so many flowers.

I love these trees and how they are all lined up in a row.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Today is a good day!

This post is on a personal level, but I have to post some photos because I am so happy and excited for my boyfriend Shawn and his brother. We all bought a house together about a year ago in Mt. Airy to fix up a resell. Well, today it is done and on the market! You will see from these before and after photos how hard they worked on this project. They saw the potential in something most people would run away from and they made something beautiful of it! It is amazing what they have done, I am so proud of them!
Know anyone that wants to buy a house?!

porch before

porch after

living room before

living room after

I love this window.

kitchen before

kitchen before.... scaaaaary!

kitchen before

kitchen after

kitchen after

kitchen after

kitchen after

basement before

basement before

basement after

basement after

dining room before

dining room after

bathroom before

bathroom before, you can see through to the first floor!

wow! bathroom after

bathroom after

hallway before

hallway after

one of the bedrooms before... all 3 were this bad!

bedroom after

bask of house before

back of house after with deck