Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rachael and Allistare the dogs

I photographed two doggies this week, Rachael and Allistare. Rachael was very sweet but timid and it took a while for her to warm up. Allistare, the greyhound was loving the camera and trying to get in every shot! I am glad I got some sweet portraits of Rachael, her owner says she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She is 14 years old and has been by her owners side for a long time. Dogs are part of the family and we grow such a deep connection to them. I think it is in the eyes and how they look at us. We need them to love us just as much as we love them and the reassurance is in the eyes and how they relate to us.

So graceful, I love this shot! I just fell in love with this greyhound.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Victoria and Michael's engagement photos

I photographed Victoria and Michael's engagement session on a beautiful afternoon in Old City. These two live in North Carolina but are having their wedding here in May at the Marsico.

Michael was very worried about having his photo taken professionally, but I think he did great!

We ended at the Irish Pub where Victoria and Michael met.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Stefanie and Kevin's engagement/doggie session

Stephanie and Kevin are getting married next month at Mendenhall Inn. I was so happy they brought their two dogs, Daisy and Kendall along for the engagement session. These two are in love with their dogs! I had a great time getting to know the bride and groom but also getting to know the dog's personalities too. Daisy is the hyper, sweet one with lots of licks and Kendall is the more reserved "older" soul. (It's too funny because my two dogs are very similar.) The dogs are going to be with Stefanie when she is getting ready for the wedding, can't wait!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

a doggie proposal

I got to photograph another amazing proposal! Documenting this moment was such an honor for me, I am tearing up as I write this post. John and Stephanie met me last summer at an event at the Piazza. He told Stephanie that he hired me to photograph their beloved dog Cosmo the yellow lab. Little did she know Cosmo and John had a plan for that day! After photographing the dog for a while I got Stephanie to turn around and look at some photos while John put a sign around Cosmo's neck that said" Will you marry daddy?" Then John got down on his knee with a ring. Stephanie was totally surprised and shocked! I think Cosmo knew something special was going on, he sat so good looking up at them the whole time.

The actual moment.

Make sure you click on the play button to see this whole story unfold. It's too sweet. Good Job John and Cosmo!