Wednesday, July 29, 2009

dog's vacation

Once a year we go on a doggie vacation. It's a vacation built around our two American bulldogs were they can swim and run free. Usually it's in Vermont but this year we found a place in the Poconos called Keen Lake. We rented the hermit island lake house. We had a whole island to ourselves and had to row out to get to it. ( The dogs hated the row boat part and jumped out.) The dogs could run free and swim all day long. When Jody first realized she had all that space to run, I could see the expression her face said FREEDOM! No leashes, no other dogs or people to worry about. The only thing is you will see in the photos below that Jody liked to chase boats and attack the oars!

We called this little house the "dry tank." We put the dogs in there when they needed some quiet time, they were so over stimulated the whole week.

Our friend Doug, lounging.

Blue is so funny in the water. He obsesses over floating logs. It's like he is bobbing for apples he can't quite get a grasp with his teeth but tries over and over. He will even put his head underwater. I swear he should of been a fish!

If he was not outside at all time in the water, he sat by the door staring at it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Style me Pretty blog posting

Check out the Style Me Pretty blog posting about my website portfolio! They did a large feature with tons of my photos. It's such an honor, I just love this blog and used it a lot for my own wedding planning. Also check out their Little Black book of great wedding vendors in which I am also featured on. ( Don't mean to brag or anything!)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ruby's portrait session at 2 years old

I love hanging out with the Schwelm family. I photographed Meranda and Bob's wedding in June of 2006 and since then they have had two beautiful girls, Ruby and Addison. Ruby just had her 2nd birthday and I will be photographing the children every year around their birthdays. We went to the Tyler Arboretum for some playtime and beautiful scenery. I love this place because it has such great tree houses for the kids to play in. The way I do children's portraits are more like a play date. I spend time interacting with them and really enjoy their laughter. Then I can sneak shots of their true character.

The family just moved to an old house in Media they completely restored. We went back to the house after to get some dog portraits too! They have an awesome dog named Deek who I have photographed before. He is sooo well behaved, but fast moving! They were also taking care of a friend's dog that is the same breed so getting them together was funny. I can't wait to come back to this house in the future, it's perfect for photos.

Ruby was fascinated by the huge frogs at the park. Her laughter is contagious, she was cracking me up the whole time.

I love this tree, it is on my logo image but with a bride and groom. It makes a perfect family portrait too. I think it has such beautiful symbolism to show how much this family has grown.

Here's some links to photos in the past of the Schwelms, you can see them grow.
Meranda's pregnancy photos
Ruby's 1 year portrait
baby Addison

Click on the arrow below to play a fun slide show of Ruby's two year old portrait session. There were so many great shots I had to make a slide show to share .

Stacy's pregnancy photos (3rd time!)

Last weekend we had a family reunion down the shore and I took my sister in law, Stacy, out for some belly portraits under the boardwalk. She is due in 1 month with her 3rd baby so I will have another nephew soon! Stacy is such a natural beauty and easy to photograph. I don't get to see her very often so it's been great to get to photograph each of these special times in her life. My favorites are the first two with the angelic light coming through the boards. Thanks Stacy for being a creative source of imagery for me all these times! Not every woman is comfortable with this kind of photo but I think it is so important to document the beauty. I love looking at old photos of my mother when she was so young and pregnant with me, I cherish them.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Catherine and Franklin's Merion Golf Club wedding

I photographed Catherine and Franklin's wedding at the Bryn Mawr Presbyterian church and the reception at the Merion Golf Club on June 27, 09. Catherine was really lucky to have such a great mom to help her plan everything since she lives at a distance. Her mom, Carol works at the church and had seen me work there before and loved the photos. All the families were really fun and sure knew how to party. It was a hot night under the outdoor tent but that didn't stop everyone from dancing up a storm!

Thanks to Laurie Beck-Peterson for being my second photographer and my second set of eyes.

Such a natural beauty. Makeup by Cheekadee.

I loved these bridesmaids dresses, so different and colorful.

O.k. Catherine's niece stole the spotlight for part of the day! I could not stop photographing her adorable smile.

Love the light.

I love cupcake cakes! Delicious!

As we were leaving the bride and groom starting crowd surfing.

Click on the arrow below to play a slide show of lots of other great images from this wedding.