Monday, June 13, 2016

Cordelia age 3

This little sweetheart is 3 now. Her mom is amazing, she made all the dresses in these photos! Cordelia was so good for her photo session. Well, she has had some practice, it was her 6th photo session with me! Since I've had my son he has made me a better photographer. What a gift! I have learned how a 2 or 3 year old thinks. I never knew before Jesse came along and would just go to photo sessions assuming the child would cooperate. I always have a plan now with this age. Yes I do use candy to bribe a little, I've learned that too, but kids who have photo sessions every year do remember me. I always bring them something special whether it's a ball of a special color to incorporate or a goodie bag. This way they look forward to their session year after year. Cordelia was so sweet. I took a plastic Easter egg, put two plastic rings in it and hid it in a bush. It was a fun game for her and when she opened it she ran over to her mom and gave her one of the rings and the biggest hug! Such a sweet child.