Tuesday, April 28, 2009

walk the dogs series-jump!

Below are a few more from my "walk the dog" series. Jody loves to swim.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I had a busy weekend, a maternity shoot and a wedding in Cape May, NJ on Sunday. But before I post that I have to share these photos I took at a Bulldog festival on Saturday. It was sponsored by Heaven sent Bulldog rescue, a great organization in NJ that helps bulldogs find homes.

There were so many bulldogs in one place at this festival that I felt like I was in heaven. I own two American bulldogs but I have a secret love for English and French bulldogs too! They just make me smile ear to ear and crack up laughing. They snort, drool and slobber but you have to put up with all that to be a fan. Sometimes when I have a hard day I just look at my bulldogs and they make me laugh and everything is better. I enjoyed taking photos of the owners too with their dogs because I understand the pride and love they have for the breed.

I was really excited about the festival on the way there and you can see my Bulldog, Blue was excited too!

I could not stop taking pictures of this guy. I know some people would think he is ugly with the crooked nose and teeth but I think he is adorable!

For some reason this one was my favorite. He loved having his photo taken. I was taking a photo of another dog when I felt him poke me in the butt with his nose. Then he literally posed for me. I got lots of snorts and kisses too.

Driving home!

Please check them out if you are interested in adoption. ( If any of my clients out there have a rescue bulldog or rescue one in the future contact me and I will do the a portrait shoot for free!)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kristin and Tim's engagement session

Kristin and Tim chose to have their engagement session at the Willows mansion and park near Villanova. I just love this location. I have shot weddings there before and my mom use to take me to the pond to feed the ducks when I was little. Kristin and Tim are getting married May 30th at the Villanova church and having the reception at the Union League. We had fun, they even climbed trees for me and explored through the reeds and mud.

I love Tim's red hair!

Isn't she cute!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

walk the dogs series

I have been working on an ongoing series called "walk the dogs" all winter. Most of it I shoot with film which I love getting back to. For my own personal work I like the surprise factor of picking up my film at the photo lab and the "happy" accidents like light leaks and composition shifts. On these walks I photograph both dogs and other surroundings in my neighborhood. When I have my dogs and a camera with me I go places I normally would not explore, like the broken down playground behind an abandoned church, a cloister house filled with old statues, an abandoned factory, and of course places in the Wissahickon I visit everyday. The dogs give me both the feeling of safety and adventure.

I love how red his lips are here. It was February and he does not care how cold the water is.