Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our trip to Costa Rica

We spent over two weeks in Costa Rica this winter. For those of you who have been to Costa Rica know it's more of an adventure than a lazy vacation. The wild life is so abundant. The landscape, trees and flowers look other world like. We wanted Jesse to experience our love for nature and the sea. Bringing an active, opinionated two year old added a different element than last time we went, but it was well worth it. He loved the water and was fascinated by monkeys and crabs.

 These tide pools were great for Jesse! He called them Jesse's pool!

 This is the little town of Montezuma. It's on the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. A little hard to get to but worth the effort. Jesse loved riding a boat.

 This dog was in the same spot every day just begging strangers to throw his stick in the ocean.

 means "pure life"

 The house up in the hill was where we stayed.

 My beautiful boy.

 Tortuga Island.

 This was a first for me! Seeing pigs on the beach.

 The best raw oyster I ever ate. A man with a little boat, opened it up added the onion, hot sauce and we slurped them up swimming in the ocean.
 Fish from the local fisherman
 Hanging at the house. Every morning the monkeys tried to come in our house and get fed. One afternoon we forgot to shut the window to the kitchen and they were in the cabinets going through all our food!

 The road back and forth to town was very steep and exhausting carrying all our food and Jesse. But after the first week it got easier and felt good to get the exercise. Being so private from town was nice.
Washing and hanging laundry by hand was a peaceful daily activity. I'm glad to be back to the washing machine but miss the simple things of Costa Rica. Guess we will have to try to remember those things in our everyday routine. It will remain in my heart and I hope in Jesse's early memories.