Tuesday, September 25, 2007

vacation in L.A.

After my Pictage conference in L.A. we took a mini vacation along the coast. I just loved the hotel we stayed in near Redondo beach, there were barking seals outside our room which was so comical!

this is the view from our patio

My favorite part of the trip was finding this private beach where we had to climb down a cliff to get to. Lots of star fish, hermit crabs and shells.

So right after taking this photo my camera took a dive into the water and broke! So the rest were taken with disposable cameras. Can you believe it, a photographer shooting with disposables?! I actually like how a lot came out. The soft focus is kind of cool, and it was fun not knowing what I got until I picked them up at the photo lab, I miss that! Also, I bought several so Shawn got to shoot the whole time too, I never get photos of myself on vacation since I am usually the only one with a camera. This time he took lots of me so I posted them too.

We drove up the coastal highway towards Malibu which was soooo beautiful. Lots of traffic though. L.A. is never a place I would like to live but fun to visit!

I just looooove this photo. We went to Venice beach too where I took this. Sometimes you just know a shot is going to turn out amazing. We got there right before sunset and watched all the street musicians and weirdos.

These kids cracked me up!

Of course I wanted to take one home.

We were a little spoiled by this car, it came with the vacation package on expedia, a Mustang convertible! Shawn could not believe it when we picked it up, he said "Are you sure we are allowed to take this car?!"

Pictage partnercon trip to L.A.

I was in L.A. for a Photo conference put on by Pictage. I also went to one last spring in Chicago. It was a wirlwind of networking and sitting in on seminars by some awesome shooters. It's so much to pack into two days. I have a book full of notes and exciting ideas I just can't get to yet. It is always a refreshing feeling going to a seminar like this. My favorite talk was by David Wittig called" Getting your clients to think outside the box (with you). He sort of has my dream job, he does mostly destination weddings and travels all over the world. I was very inspired after listening to him to try some new locations for shoots.
There was a party sponsored by Kiss albums and Showit webb They had a photo booth which was a blast for a bunch of photographers to be on the other side of the lens. Theses are some photos below of me with Joy Moody who is also from Philly. I have no idea who the other two guys are but I made friends that night!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Summer and Tom's wedding- my friends!

Summer and Tom are my friends. Their wedding was incredible! It was at Cairnwood with Feastivities catering, two of my favorite vendors. I am always a little nervous working for friends because I get so emotionally involved in the photos. I have shot a ton of friend's weddings in the past few years. I really feel like this one turned out incredible and I hope they are in love with the photos. It also helps because I already know which smiles are real and how they will photograph best from knowing their personalities. I can also be a little bossy with friends and tell them to be exactly where I want them for the best angles. I have to thank my assistant Sarah Miller who took a ton of great candids while I was chit chatting a lot. It also helped that Summer and Tom are very attractive together! There are many more to check out here on the recent event section of my website, I could not hold back there are 186 to look at there and over 1000 on Pictage!

Summer's dad was very emotional, it was so sweet.

Yes, that is Tom's middle finger in the air. He was not doing that to me but to his groomsmen who were heckling him. Don't worry they have the same shot with out the middle finger. My boyfriend made me post this, he thought it was hysterical.

This is Beka from Innove events. Wow she is dedicated huh!

Sarah got great moments before Summer walked down the aisle.

Feastivities is all about presentation! Those are all real cut limes below the glasses.

My friends love to dance!