Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Jesse's friends

As I drove away from this family and house I started to cry. My friend Meredith recently had a 3rd baby and moved to Vermont all within a month. We use to live on the same block when Jesse was born and our children became close. This family was an integral part of my son's development. Before starting daycare we did a year of sharing childcare two days a week, so this house became a 2nd home to Jesse. Meredith home schools her kids and the house was enriched with children's activities and the kind of fun that made a 1-2 year old smile every time he was welcomed at the door. I think I cried for many reasons: Lucie was only 3 weeks old and it was my first and last time I will probably see her for a year or so. I got to just sit and let her sleep on my shoulder while I watched the children play around us. I have not felt that in a long time. An era seems gone in my son's life, he just turned 4 and I feel he is no longer a baby. I miss our times on Pulaski ave. the sounds, the feelings, the smells, all remind me of having a baby. Chickens!!!! I had chickens as a kid and love that Jesse got to experience them. The feeling of community and support were all something that I was fortunate to have in Jesse's young years. Meredith gave me so much motherly advice. I feel like I have great neighbors at my new house, but there is something about having one child and missing the house he was born into. I now know he will grow up so fast and that makes me cherish every moment as I see him frolic in the street with his current friends! Jesse will miss his old friends but he will always have the memories of his first ever friends! (Meredith, I hope you find your "community" again in Vermont and that you have wonderful new memories for your children.)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Katie and John's Union Trust wedding

I photographed Katie and John's wedding on August 14th starting at the Hotel Monaco. The day was filled with beauty and photo opts by having a bride that is so gorgeous, but also full of personality and spunk! Katie is a true "ginger" so it was coincidence that a ginger ale truck pulled up out front of the hotel for some fun shots! This was my first time working a reception at the Union Trust. Such a true gem hidden on Chestnut Street with grand architecture and a top notch team of service by Finley catering.