Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My dog Blue- R.I.P

I had to put my dog Blue down to sleep last week. It was the saddest day we have experienced in a long time for my husband and I. Blue was part of the family. If you knew Blue he was a comical dog, sort of like a clown. His bully face had so many funny expressions that he became a big photo subject for me in his years with us. After sorting though my old hard drives and finding these photos I realized today what a great life he had with us and was very lucky to be taken on so many doggie vacations. We were lucky to know him too. Blue taught me not to be too serious, that laughter and joy are the best remedy for anything.
( warning: If you are a big dog lover be prepared to cry before watching this slide show- my tribute to Blue.)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

recent photos of Jesse

Over the past month my little boy has grown so much. He is laughing and smiling and sitting up. Here are some recent photos taken since Christmas that I love.

Jesse is with his great grandmother in this one.

Adventures in rice cereal!

First reach

Loves to use those stomach muscles!

This is a shirt his daddy wore when he was little.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

baby Thomas at 6 months

I photographed Stefanie and Kevin's wedding and their first two babies, Kendall and Daisy the dogs. I photographed their little boy Thomas in the studio for his 6 month old portrait. Thomas is such a good boy and a little miracle. Stefanie and I had the same due date of August 31, but Thomas came 3 weeks early and needed heart surgery. He is doing great now and is the perfect little boy. I am so happy for this family and glad to see them grow and document this a part of their lives !

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

baby Liam

I photographed two week old Liam in the studio last week. I love it when my wedding clients come back to me for baby photos. I photographed Katelyn and Kevin's beautiful wedding at Knowlton Mansion in 2010.

I think this kid will be into football!