Thursday, November 15, 2007

nice words from Kim and family

After Kim and Adam saw their engagement photos she sent me this email below. It always brings a huge smile to my face when clients send me words like these! It makes me so proud of what I do. Thanks Kim for making me smile today!
She wrote:
"Hi Heather-
Awesome photos! I sent out a link to your photo blog earlier this week and I got some responses from friends/ family that I thought you might like to see too...
Thanks again! Can't wait til June :)
Kim & Adam

I LOVE THEM!!!!! I want to see them all when they're in! You are so beautiful! Jenny (matron of honor)

WOW, what a great set of photos, can’t wait to see the rest. The gal with the camera does nice work. Padre (Adam's dad)

Those are awesome!!!!! She is unbelievable - what a great eye and creativity... we can't wait to see the rest! Amber (Kim's sister-in-law)

These are adorable!!! I especially like the ones in front of the fountains. It brought tears to my eyes, just to look at them. Only 7 months to go 'til the BIG EVENT!!! Peggy (Adam's mom)
These pictures are so AMAZING!!!!!! You both look so beautiful and happy!!! What an attractive couple you make! Can't wait to see more! Blair (Adam's sister-in-law)"

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