Friday, August 1, 2008

The Goodlands photographers

Last February I started volunteering at a community center called Centro Nueva Creacion in North Philly. I had been looking for a long time to get involved with children. This program called the Goodlands project was such a great fit for me because we photograph on the streets which I love! Each week I have a different subject matter or project that we are photographing, but mainly the purpose is to show the positive aspects of their neighborhood through the lens of a child's camera. I have the 10-13 year olds to teach and they are really getting good! They love using the camera and being creative. I even started a blog for them, check it out.

They are having a 5th Annual Summer Goodlands Exhibit at Nexus Foundation For Today's Art. (Check out the link for info) The opening will be on August 14th from 6-9pm. Please join us! Please come out to see the kid's work! There will be prints of different sizes and note cards you can purchase to help support the program too.

The image on the postcard was taken by Coral, one of my students. She's so creative!

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