Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Karen and Oscar's wedding

I photographed Karen and Oscar's wedding on September 6th. They got married at a beautiful church in East Falls called St. Bridget's and the reception was at the William Penn Inn. It was the day there was a hurricane and a down pour of rain. We managed to still get some really nice photos at Chestnut Hill college before it came down too hard. Karen and Oscar were such a pleasure to work with, just really sweet people who obviously care a lot about their family and friends. They looked very much in love too which helped for my portrait session, they snuggled a lot and it all seemed so natural for them.

I saw this old Vandyke brown photo of Oscar's relatives from their wedding so I added in all of Karen's accessories and also made the photo look old.

Writing a sweet note to Oscar before the ceremony.

I love this little tux onesy!

Oscar the grouch for Oscar and Care Bear for Karen.

They had a great Mariachi band!

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