Tuesday, March 17, 2009

baby Lincoln

My friend Patty had a another baby boy, Lincoln. Here he is at two weeks old, so tiny and perfect. He woke up for his photo shoot right away and of course went pee on the pillow right after this was taken.

I made the wrap around Lincoln. I have been knitting pieces to use on baby shoots, it's soft and fuzzy.

The brothers look exactly alike. I can't get over how similar Lincoln looks to when Aiden was a baby. Aiden got as little jealous during the photo session.


Anonymous said...

That is one cute kid!

Anonymous said...

dear lord, his feet look HUGE! i love it:) see you sunday..

meiklemichelle said...

SOOOOO stinkin cute!!!

Unknown said...

I check out your photos every once in a while, which are amazing by the way, but my absolute favorite are the baby pictures that you do!! So simple and beautiful!!