Monday, June 29, 2009

Youngshin and Samir's wedding

I photographed Youngshin and Samir's wedding at the Abington Art Center on June 6, 09. Wow this was the most fun I think I ever had photographing a wedding! Where do I begin? First of all the Abington art Center is such a great venue, lots of great spaces and sculptures to take fun artistic photos around. The ceremony is under a big life size frame and the reception is outdoors. People can mingle around the galleries too.
Youngshin and Samir were so much fun! When I first met with them, Youngshin told me she likes to be goofy in photos but also wanted some serious ones too. They have a great sense of humor, (you can tell by the photo booth.) They also have a sweet connection between them that I really enjoyed capturing.
Youngshin and Samir saw my photos of the photo booth set up at my own wedding. They wanted the same fun style so we both brought lots of funny dress up accessories for the guests to wear in the photos. The photo booth also had a remote so people could take their own photos and I find they are more outgoing when they get to see them on the t.v. screen too. I hope to get more of my clients interested in this fun idea!
The lighting was by Synergetic Sounds. The jungle leaves design on the ceiling was the perfect element to add to the atmosphere. The best part was later in the night when an Afro-Brazilian drum band named Mamadele Productions played. Everyone went nuts dancing! It was a surprise to the bride and groom from a group of friends and probably the best gift! Everyone was sweating and moving to the drums! I have never seen so much energy at a wedding before!

Thanks to Rebecca Barger for being my second shooter and for getting so many great images too.

Some of Samir's dance moves!

Youngshin is beautiful! She had her makeup done at the MAC counter in Willow grove mall.

Too funny! Youngshin wore these socks before the ceremony so her feet would not hurt from her strappy shoes. This photo sums up this couples sense of humor!

I love the bright colors. They changed into traditional wedding garments for the dinner hour. Jeffrey Miller catering made an amazing dinner.

Then the fun begins! This band was hot!

Ever seen a bride do this?!

This is the band in the photo booth. They could not quite fit!

That is me the bride and groom are kissing! They made me do it.

This is what I like about these two.... After shooting a romantic photo under the moonlight Youngshin and Samir just get up and start running around like crazy!

YOU HAVE to watch the slide show below of so many more great images from this wedding. Just click on the arrow below and let it load. It has great music!


Unknown said...

beauuuuuuutiiiiiiiiiiFUL! better than i imagined. the photobooth is freakin awesome! thank you!!!

Unknown said...

fantastic! unbelievable! i'm speechless - thank you so much!!!!

Casey said...

These pictures are SOOOOOOOO good! LOVE!

Unknown said...

WOW!!! I think that about says it all!! wonderful pics!!

Jiyun Kim said...

i am near tears, Heather, these pics are so beautiful, you captured the absolute best of the wedding and the party. youngshin and samir look divine.

Unknown said...

wow - awesome - more - I know there are more :)

mie said...

love the pix! can you guys get married again so we can do it all over?!

Unknown said...

lets do it! hehehe

Dana Nelson said...

I am overcomewith emotion looking at these! Absolutely incredible. The most beautiful thing that really shines through is the love... So much love. Thanks for letting us be a part of it.

Melinda said...

Heather can you email me about how you did the photo booth? I'm getting married at Abington next week and I'm planning to also do a photo booth. I bought the backdrop fabric, I'm just not sure how to hang it now!