Thursday, July 15, 2010

family vacation

I just got back from a family weekend at the shore. I had lots of great times with the kids. My niece Riley took her first walk along the beach this year with me. It was such a special moment together. She is so expressive and when she saw those waves coming towards her I could not stop clicking away. She was scared of the ocean last year so to see her brave it a little more this year was fun. As much as I love the ocean it was even better seeing it through a child's eyes.

Some fun on the boardwalk!

Eben so serious on the merry go round

This was only my 2nd time getting to see my nephew Liam. He is getting so big.

A brand new cousin, Madison.

Little cousin Hailey is so sweet.


Stacy said...

These photos are absolutely amazing Heather!!! Can I order some of Riley in the waves? Made me sad that you've only seen Liam twice...we will work on that!

Gayle said...

I absolutely love the lighting in these shots! And the facial expressions of the kids are wonderful! Reminds me of my summers as a kid at the beach. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!