Thursday, June 23, 2011

My new studio

This post has been a long time coming. I finally got around to taking some pics of my new studio. The first photo was taken over the winter- the before photo. My husband opened up our whole 3rd floor. He took down ceilings, walls, doors, exposed a brick wall, and installed a skylight to give it a bright open feeling. I can't believe it's finally complete! Shawn has done so much for my dreams and career, I love him so much! I have the space to do small studio shoots and also a meeting place for brides. It feels so good to be working from home in a space that is private from the rest of the house and so beautiful. I am so grateful.



This room was a kitchen.

My favorite part is this hairpin fence that Shawn salvaged and painted white. There use to be a hallway, wall and door here.

This hanging window was found in the basement and was the original front door to the house.

I love these. Ikea has this great new color in their frosted glass cabinets- turquoise!

While the move from my storefront in Northern Liberties was sad it was a good decision to come home. I have struggled with whether to write about this since I try to keep my personal life separate but I just have to brag! I am 30 weeks pregnant and can't wait to meet my son! I did not post about it earlier because I was afraid people would not hire me thinking I would be on maternity leave. I am doing good and still shooting. I plan on taking the month of August off.


The Teenage Diplomat said...

the space is gorgeous and i can't wait to meet your son either :)

Julie said...

Congratulations on so many levels! Your new studio is gorgeous! The light is beautiful, perfect for photographing. Way to go, Shawn! Can't wait to meet your baby!

fredcusick said...

The new studio looks amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Heather, the new space looks AMAZING!! Fantastic job, Shawn! And enormous congrats to you both on the baby! I know you'll be wonderful parents. All the best, The E crew.

Nicolette said...

:D The new studio looks great! Baby looks adorable, even in a grainy black and white sonogram. So many wonderful changes!

Love Shack Photo said...

Heather, it looks amazing! I too love the hairpin fence. That husband of yours is pretty good with a hammer ;-)