Monday, August 1, 2011

Kaitlin and Ryan's Congress Hall wedding

On July 24th Kaitlin and Ryan got married at one of my favorite venues, Congress Hall. Laurie Beck Photography was the associate photographer covering for me and Misty Dawn Photography was the 2nd shooter. I knew I could count these talented ladies since I was too pregnant to be there myself. I was disappointed I could not be there because it was such a unique wedding. They had many great details and hand made touches like the banner hanging on the porch, the handmade scarves, and the table settings. I had so much fun processing these images because of Kate's vintage look. I just love her birdcage veil and bright red lipstick. Laurie and Misty found lots of great photo opts at this wedding and so many of the images just "shine" for me with the rich colors.

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Sophisticate in the Suburbs™ said...

Heather, I want to get married just so that you can take the pictures! I LOVE them and can't figure out my favorites! The black and white shots are classic but what I like the best is the use of the red, yellow, and blue colors. Especially, the pictures with the blue background or highlight are fantastic! You are the best!