Monday, May 7, 2012

Sarah and Armen's Colonial Dames wedding

This wedding was special. O.k. for me it was but for many other reasons this couple's story is unique. Sarah worked with me for years as a second shooter and also photographed my wedding. When she told me she was getting married I was so excited for her and thrilled to be asked to document it. These two have an interesting story on how they met so I am just going to quote what is written on the back of their invitation-
"Armen and Sarah met at the airport in Paris and decided that they liked each other. After a long delay and missed flight it didn't make sense for him to eat alone... He had to join her so they met up with friends for dinner...and then they went dancing! He lived in California and she lived in Pennsylvania. Sarah went to see Armen in CA. Armen went to see Sarah in PA until they had one question left: Which one of us is moving? So across the country they drove! and set up an apartment on Arch St. Armen got a job, Sarah continued her work... It wasn't long before they decided to get a dog! and Otis became a part of the family. Things went along like this until August 2nd, when, on a beach in MA, Armen asked Sarah to marry him. She said Yes!"

As I was driving Sarah to her wedding I could not believe she was sitting in my front seat dressed as a bride after all the years of going to weddings together as the photographers! Sarah- I am sooo happy for you!

These keys were all collected by them when antiquing together.

Armen's mother recessed down the aisle with arms in the air and shoes off because they started to play a surprise Armenian song for her.

Then Sarah and Armen were surprised by the brides maids that the original band from Bob and Barbara's bar played their first dance song "Can't keep my eyes off of you" This is the song they danced to when they first went out together. They were expecting to dance to the recorded version! What a sweet gift!

Sarah made her cake.

I had to get a shot with the bride!

My favorite.

Here is a list of the vendors and details:
Venue: National Society of Colonial Dames: Philadelphia
Dress: Dolly Couture
Veil: Terihuang via Etsy
Shoes: Pour la Victoire, via endless
favors: various antique shops, tags from Etsy
earrings: JCrew
Sweater: handmade by Mom
Bridesmaid dresses: Nordstrom
Grooms attire: Macys
Flowers: Leaves of grass Floral Designs
Catering: Ashley Power, Power Events Catering
Rings: Deb's Jewelers Philadelphia
Bridesmaid Robes: Dynasty Robes

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Jerimas said...

Beautiful. Thanks for documenting the event so well Heather!