Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jesse's pick up truck

I call this Jesse's truck now because of how much he enjoyed hanging in it. It's my stepfather's 1932 Ford pick up truck that he built from pieces. We spent a day taking Jesse back to his mama's roots and hung out while my stepfather played banjo at a festival. It was about 95 degrees out but Jesse did not care he spent the whole time sitting in the front seat of the truck turning the steering wheel and loving it! Made for some great photos of my little guy!

 Family photo

 Jesse playing his harmonica and me concentrating on how to remember to play the banjo.

 He is mad here because I made him get out of the truck for a while and he wants back in!

Finally getting to go for a real ride- love this shot, Jesse is soooo excited!

Below is one of my wedding photos taken in the same truck.


Unknown said...

These are GREAT!

Unknown said...

These are GREAT!

Julie said...

Beautiful photos, Heather! And you play the banjo?!!