Wednesday, June 24, 2015

newborn Grace

I photographed newborn baby Grace as part of the 1 year baby plan I offer. I love photographing siblings. Violet was very sweet with her baby sister. It can be hard to keep a toddler busy while calming a newborn. This family did great though. When the newborn is the 2nd baby the session just has more confidence and ease! As the parents and I have grown to know what we are doing now! Even though we are in the studio with backdrops, props, and studio lighting I still try to strive to get those little moments that come in a relaxed session. Newborn sessions can take 2-4 hours and usually we hang out and talk while the baby eats. I have received so much great parenting advice myself from this great family. So happy for them!

One of my favs below: I turned around and got a shot of dad trying to get some shut eye while mom has her moment with the baby! The bond between this dad and daughter has always been to sweet!

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