Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tammy and Carter's Ocean City engagement session

I had soooo much fun on this shoot, it wasn't like working at all! I photographed Tammy and Carter's engagement session in Ocean City , NJ. I am photographing their wedding next May at the Dupont Country club. Tammy was really excited about having these photos! She even had a videographer come along too! Tammy grew up going to Ocean City where her grandmother had a house when she was little. My grandmother also took me to Ocean City when I was little so it was a memory lane trip for me too. We hung out and went on lots of rides, ate Mack and Manco pizza and went on the beach. I am really excited about photographing this couple's wedding because I feel like they are friends now. They also had Dave from Dvideography come along and get video footage of this fun shoot, check it out here, it's awesome!

This is Dave from DVideography. He had lots of great ideas too for us to shoot!

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