Tuesday, September 25, 2007

vacation in L.A.

After my Pictage conference in L.A. we took a mini vacation along the coast. I just loved the hotel we stayed in near Redondo beach, there were barking seals outside our room which was so comical!

this is the view from our patio

My favorite part of the trip was finding this private beach where we had to climb down a cliff to get to. Lots of star fish, hermit crabs and shells.

So right after taking this photo my camera took a dive into the water and broke! So the rest were taken with disposable cameras. Can you believe it, a photographer shooting with disposables?! I actually like how a lot came out. The soft focus is kind of cool, and it was fun not knowing what I got until I picked them up at the photo lab, I miss that! Also, I bought several so Shawn got to shoot the whole time too, I never get photos of myself on vacation since I am usually the only one with a camera. This time he took lots of me so I posted them too.

We drove up the coastal highway towards Malibu which was soooo beautiful. Lots of traffic though. L.A. is never a place I would like to live but fun to visit!

I just looooove this photo. We went to Venice beach too where I took this. Sometimes you just know a shot is going to turn out amazing. We got there right before sunset and watched all the street musicians and weirdos.

These kids cracked me up!

Of course I wanted to take one home.

We were a little spoiled by this car, it came with the vacation package on expedia, a Mustang convertible! Shawn could not believe it when we picked it up, he said "Are you sure we are allowed to take this car?!"

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Joy Moody Photography said...

Awesome Heather. I swear I have the identical twin to your palm tree photo except mine was at Mission beach. I think us east coasters have an effectuation with tropical plants. Looks like you guys had fun.