Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Linda and David's wedding

I photographed Linda and David's wedding at Glenn Foerd Mansion on June 1st. I have been to a lot of weddings and I should say this about every one but.... There was something special about Linda and David. They have wonderful admiration for each other that just felt so strong. As a photographer I pick up on body language like subtle glances and gestures between couples and try to document them, like every time David kissed Linda's hand or neck. They just seemed so deeply in love! Also you could see this in the way they treated their family, friends, and us! I guess both being doctors, it's natural for them to care for others.

I love the vintage look for Glenn Foerd photos. It is covered in beautiful antiques and it feels like you stepped back in time.

Both bride and groom were crying I could tell.

This tree grows along the ground instead of towards the sky. It gives a whimsical feel.

Last shot of the day and my favorite!

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Misty Dawn Photography said...

I LOVE the one of the bride on the chaise looking up at you...its so timeless! Love the sun flare portraits too! Beautiful work, as always, Heather! :)