Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I had a busy weekend, a maternity shoot and a wedding in Cape May, NJ on Sunday. But before I post that I have to share these photos I took at a Bulldog festival on Saturday. It was sponsored by Heaven sent Bulldog rescue, a great organization in NJ that helps bulldogs find homes.

There were so many bulldogs in one place at this festival that I felt like I was in heaven. I own two American bulldogs but I have a secret love for English and French bulldogs too! They just make me smile ear to ear and crack up laughing. They snort, drool and slobber but you have to put up with all that to be a fan. Sometimes when I have a hard day I just look at my bulldogs and they make me laugh and everything is better. I enjoyed taking photos of the owners too with their dogs because I understand the pride and love they have for the breed.

I was really excited about the festival on the way there and you can see my Bulldog, Blue was excited too!

I could not stop taking pictures of this guy. I know some people would think he is ugly with the crooked nose and teeth but I think he is adorable!

For some reason this one was my favorite. He loved having his photo taken. I was taking a photo of another dog when I felt him poke me in the butt with his nose. Then he literally posed for me. I got lots of snorts and kisses too.

Driving home!

Please check them out if you are interested in adoption. ( If any of my clients out there have a rescue bulldog or rescue one in the future contact me and I will do the a portrait shoot for free!)


Unknown said...


I love these! Especially the ones of Blue with his head out the car window. I'm a lover of the french bulldog myself and enjoyed those pictures as well!


Anonymous said...

These are ridiculously cute, they just made my day!! I wish I had known about this bullyfest :) The pics of Blue are my favorite, they don't get much cuter than him. Pepper loves when the wind fills up her jowls, she also "bites" the air when we are driving. I will have to keep an eye out for this next year even though our true bully would have to stay home. Hope all is well, Gretchen

Stacy said...

These pictures are great! Exactly what I needed. I completely agree that they can just make you smile and feel better when you are having a rough day. I'm guessing Jodi had to miss the party?

Tammy said...

Heather, these photos are adorable! You must have been in heaven!

maxxie827 said...

The pictures of Blue are awesome. Thanks for taking these pictures, they're all great. You especially made my day with the frenchie pictures. Did you by chance take any other frenchie pictures? I forgot my camera and would love to acquire copies of my boys if you did. Let me know. Thanks!

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