Wednesday, July 29, 2009

dog's vacation

Once a year we go on a doggie vacation. It's a vacation built around our two American bulldogs were they can swim and run free. Usually it's in Vermont but this year we found a place in the Poconos called Keen Lake. We rented the hermit island lake house. We had a whole island to ourselves and had to row out to get to it. ( The dogs hated the row boat part and jumped out.) The dogs could run free and swim all day long. When Jody first realized she had all that space to run, I could see the expression her face said FREEDOM! No leashes, no other dogs or people to worry about. The only thing is you will see in the photos below that Jody liked to chase boats and attack the oars!

We called this little house the "dry tank." We put the dogs in there when they needed some quiet time, they were so over stimulated the whole week.

Our friend Doug, lounging.

Blue is so funny in the water. He obsesses over floating logs. It's like he is bobbing for apples he can't quite get a grasp with his teeth but tries over and over. He will even put his head underwater. I swear he should of been a fish!

If he was not outside at all time in the water, he sat by the door staring at it.

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