Tuesday, August 11, 2009

baby Logan

I love when this happens! I get invited back into the lives of a couple that got married a little over a year ago. Aimee and Sean have a little boy now named Logan. I came over to their house to capture the little ones first few days. I also got to see lots of the photos I took at their wedding decorating the walls. It's such great feeling. I love photographing newborns, all the little wrinkles and the way they wrap up in a ball and sleep.

I bring some knitted pieces I have made to wrap the baby in. I love the organic look of the fuzzy nest like texture of this yarn against the baby.

These two are my favorite, they are so soft and sweet. I gave them a vintage color that feels soft.

The skin wrinkles, blanket wrinkles, and the texture of his hair all seem to match.

Another knitted piece wrapped around him. He is a nature baby to match my logo!

I have never photographed a dad so sweetly with his new son. Sean is really cute with him trying to comfort his crying.

What a beautiful new mom!

O.k. this one is an outtake. They are all cousins and Lincoln would not stop crying from teething. I just love how his brother is trying to comfort him like a big brother should.

Check out Aimee and Sean's wedding photos from last July here:

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adiehl0719 said...

Heather, you are awesome. You captured such great photos and I love how blue his eyes came out in the one picture. Can't wait to see the rest.