Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Natural pet expo photos

A few Sundays ago I was a vendor at an event called the Natural Pet Expo in Liberties Walk. It was a day of Natural pet care info and events going on in a very dog friendly neighborhood. I had a table out to show off my dog portraits and products. Since it was raining I could not set up my doggie photo booth but took some candid instead. A lot of the dogs in the slide show are from the spca and need homes! Check them out by clicking on the arrow at the bottom. If you are a dog owner and would like to purchase a candid I took at this event of your dog go to

There was a doggie massage therapist giving out some love! Wow this bulldog really got into it!

This is me with a dog that needs a home from the spca. He is blind but just jumped up on my lap for some attention and is so sweet. I wanted to take him home but he can't be around and other dogs. Any takers?

These ladies were strutting their stuff!

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