Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stacy and John's Top of the Tower wedding

I photographed Stacy and John's wedding on November 14th at The Top of the Tower. Stacy and John were a blast! This was one of the best parties I had been to all year, were do I start!? Keep reading below to get all the details!

I love the shots of Stacy and John in their first moments together. The laughter in the photo below just describes their relationship perfectly.

I have seen a lot of different florist but I feel these are the most unique I have seen yet! They were done by Moda Botanica on 13th st. Judith Campbell is so talented and nice to work with.

This image also really screams John's personality, too funny!

We went to the top of the Kimmell center to get some amazing shots were John works.

This cake has a great story. It was made by Charm City Cakes who has a show on the Food Network. John's mom surprised him with it. Stacy was sooo excited to see him surprised! It was made to be the exact image of his beloved dog, Arnie. They even came out to video tape the dog and it should be on the Food Network in March.

John was so surprised!

The ceremony was lit up by boxes a friend made with a tree silhouette. It went well with the look of Top of the Tower.

What an amazing view of the city!

I love this balcony at Top of the Tower, it is such a great space to work in!

Of course the mummers make the party!

Make sure you click on the slide show below to see more images of this amazing wedding!

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Terry said...

Hi Stacy & John, Thanks for making me a part of your day, I enjoyed it very much, It was great in so many ways. Again, thank you, Terry