Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pepper and Clancy the dogs

Last weekend I photographed Pepper and Clancy. Pepper belongs to Gretchen and Lan whose wedding I photographed this past August. Clancy belongs to Gretchen's parents so the dogs are friends. Gretchen thought it would be fun to bring them in for a portrait together. With some definite difficulty I finally got some shots for them together, each dog had their own mind and constantly wanted to go in different directions! Many of the shots below just crack me up!

I HAVE ONE OPENING THIS SATURDAY FOR A DOG PORTRAIT SESSION IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Call or email me to set it up, it would make a unique gift for a loved one.

Poor Clancy! We turned her into a reindeer!

so elegant.

NOT so elegant but cracks me up!

Gotta love the back leg hanging out, soooo American bulldog!

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