Friday, October 26, 2007

Christine and Geoff's wedding

I photographed Christine and Geoff's wedding on October 20th. It was a small event with just family only. But, just immediate family was over 40 people! Christine is one of 8 children. Everything about this day was perfect, the ceremony, the weather, the beautiful crisp light, my awesome assistant Misty, and of course the sweetest bride and groom. I experimented a lot with some images to make them look old and antique using layers and textures in photoshop. I thought Christine would like that.
I am jealous, they are in Aruba right now, my favorite place on this earth!
Click here to see more photos from this wedding on my website.

Misty took this photo with her cool macro lens.

Yes it was an early morning wedding!

I would of loved to have shoes like these when I was little!

Christine told me all of her sisters got married in this church and have a photo by the statue of Mary. She was very set on making the photo exactly like her sisters. So I wanted to make Christine's a little different and antique looking. Don't worry Christine we have it plain too!

It was her idea to be fake thrown off the bridge!

This was a bridge and park Christine played at when she was little, so I hope these photos have a nostalgic feeling for her.

tons of bubbles!

Oops got some on that great dress!

Looking forward to shooting Christine and Geoff's reception party for friends on November 17th!

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