Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I finally met Lila!

My friend Beth came home for a visit with her 8 month old baby Lila. Beth moved to Mexico 3 years ago to live in Playa Del Carmen, she's so lucky! I just love visiting Beth! Anyway I saw her in December when she was about to pop but never visited after Lila was born. She's such a cutie! Beth already is such a good mother and described to me her life now has all changed, but that it is all worth it. She says having Lila is like no other feeling in the world.

This is Beth at 9 months pregnant in Mexico.

This is on her wedding day, which I of course photographed. It was my first sample album and really helped me in developing my business.


John T. Lange said...

cuteness to the max!!! I still need to visit them in Mexico!

Sorta said...

omg! Congrats. You and the babes look beautiful. Beautiful Photos Heather, nice site.