Monday, October 29, 2007

Lindsay and Eirik's wedding

I photographed Lindsay and Eirik's wedding October 27th at the Knowlton Mansion, one of my favorite places to shoot. It was rainy and dreary when I woke up that day, so I was not very motivated about getting good outdoor photos. As soon as we arrived to Knowlton the clouds dispersed and the sun came out. We had some incredible light coming through the windows as Lindsay got dressed. She even went out in the mud to get outdoor photos. Thanks Lindsay for being a "low maintenance" bride and getting those great shots! Eirik was so cute, he could not stop kissing Lindsay all day. Misty shot with me again and had lots of good lighting ideas like back lighting the cake. Click here to see more photos on my website from this wedding.

I am in looove with this shot! It was taken in the wine cellar and I put the flash behind them.

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