Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rebecca and Shaun's wedding

I photographed Rebecca and Shaun's wedding on May 4th at Knowlton Mansion. It was a beautiful spring day and they had an outdoor ceremony. They are such a nice couple that are really into photography, we even did a night portrait session in center city afterwards.

These are the rings on an old type writer.

Rebecca was stunning. I love how these shots fit in with the "old fashioned" feel of Knowlton.

The ring bearer cracked me up! He was sort of bad, but in a funny way.

I have so many shots of him being difficult and running out of the bridal party photos. He finally calmed down when we let him use our camera.

The old wine cellar is a great space for photos.

This is my new favorite of the season so far.

Rebecca and Shaun stayed at Lowes that night, my favorite hotel in the city. Then they were off to Aruba!
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Gayle C said...

Yippee! New photos! These are beautiful!! Adam and I really like the night shots.