Saturday, May 12, 2007

I love when this happens!

Today I had my 3rd shoot with Shanna and Jeffrey. I photographed their wedding, did pregnancy shots, and today got to meet their daughter Sofia. I just love when this happens! I got to document three huge moments in a family's life. The feeling of pride I get from this is why I am a photographer. To see their lives change and evolve over the years is such an honor to document.
We went to Pastorious park in Chestnut Hill where I like to watch the dogs. We had a few dogs tag along and try to join in the family portrait. I guess Shanna and Jeffrey look like a good family to follow home! So Sofia is a "daddy's girl" for sure. He is so sweet how he interacts with her and she cracks up at all her dad's funny faces. I could even tell on their wedding day that Jeffrey would be a good dad by the way he told jokes to all his nieces and nephews. Jeffrey is one of the most outgoing and laid back groom's I ever photographed. He had me cracking up all day today singing Elmo and cookie monster. He's the funniest lawyer I ever met!


Shanna said...

Heather-You truly are an amazing photographer! You manage to capture so much emotion in your pictures. We can't wait to see the rest. It's been so great sharing such special events of our lives with've really gotten to know us and managed to capture it all. Thank you so much!!!!!!

Unknown said...

So, are you going to become a blogger mom soon?!?!!?