Friday, May 11, 2007

my "real" family photos

I just wanted to post some recent family photos. These are actually my boyfriend, Shawn's family. I've been with Shawn for 13 years now (no we are not married yet) and over those years they have become my own family. They are very close to me and it was in photographing them in college that inspired me to become a photographer. They were my subjects in all of my photo courses. I don't photograph them as much now that photography has become a career for me and I think that is a shame. So I am making an effort to document them more often now. I never want the photos to seem like typical family snapshots. I would like to capture them in a more true light that reveals the feelings I have when I'm with them. (but sometimes the cuteness affect of the little ones takes over and I can't help but to take your "typical" cute kid photos.) Most of these in my first family post are of Riley, my boyfriend's niece. She is the first grandchild, so plenty spoiled and full of personality!

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Stacy said...

She is also Heather's niece!