Monday, March 22, 2010

Stefanie and Kevin's engagement/doggie session

Stephanie and Kevin are getting married next month at Mendenhall Inn. I was so happy they brought their two dogs, Daisy and Kendall along for the engagement session. These two are in love with their dogs! I had a great time getting to know the bride and groom but also getting to know the dog's personalities too. Daisy is the hyper, sweet one with lots of licks and Kendall is the more reserved "older" soul. (It's too funny because my two dogs are very similar.) The dogs are going to be with Stefanie when she is getting ready for the wedding, can't wait!


Mom said...

Heather Fowler definitely 'captured a moment' in Stefanie and Kevin's engagement pictures. Very nice work!

Donna Beltrante said...

Aunt Donna says...

Heather Fowler was able to capture unique and uncommon shots as opposed to the everyday typical staged and orchestrated shots you always see.
Wonderfully executed and how refreshing!
Nice work!

Aunt Donna

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