Monday, March 8, 2010

3 dogs at once

I had a blast last week photographing Molly and her 3 dogs, Roxy, Chelsea, and Percy. Each dog has their own unique personality (and likes to do their own thing!) It was hard but half way through the session I smiled really big watching them play in the dog park and thought to myself, I love what do!

Percy is so handsome and sweet.

Chelsea is full of energy and loves chicken strips!

I had difficulty getting all three of them to stay in one photo, there was a lot of tempting with treats and toys, but I finally got it at the end at the park. I love this shot the way the bigger labs are on the sides and the Jack Russell is centered. I love Molly's red coat in the background.

Roxy has the most beautiful reddish brown coat and orange eyes. He matches well against this doorway.

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