Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Target family

I love doing family portraits for my past wedding clients. I am lucky to be able document so many important life changing moments. Seeing not only my own photo style evolve but also my client's lives evolve and change give a great sense of accomplishment. Looking through old photos helps you see and appreciate where you are today. So to be able to do this for others is an awesome feeling. Hopefully they will cherish these photos for a lifetime and generations to come.

First are a few wedding portraits from 2007 of Alison and Rick:

Alison and Rick recently had a baby boy named Colin and came to the studio for a portrait sitting of the whole family. They also brought their sweet pittbull Harper. Harper was really good interacting with the baby and almost has a maternal demeanor. Colin is a little bundle of cuteness and he was very alert most of the shoot and even followed me with his eyes.

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