Tuesday, July 15, 2008

baby Ruby

This was my 4th shoot for Meranda and Bob. Meranda first hired me to photograph her dog, Deek, for her fiance as a gift. Then I shot their wedding, Meranda's pregnancy photos, now their baby Ruby at one years old. I think I get along with this family so much because they love dogs, the Wissahickon, running, and photography. These are also some of my favorite loves in life. Ruby is so cute, she just learned to walk and was testing her balance in Pastorious park.

Deek was so well behaved, he even got in a photo for us!

and with Ruby!

Mom and daughter look so sweet in matching cotton dresses with lace.

Pool time!

Someone is ready for a nap! Being a model is exhausting.

You can't tell in the other photos but she is already 7 months pregnant with her second baby. I have a feeling I will be photographing this family for many more years to come. Both pregnancies Meranda has looked amazing. She keeps up running throughout them. She's so cute!

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