Thursday, July 24, 2008

My wedding preparations

I have not written much yet about my upcoming wedding. I have been so busy with work because it is "Tis the season to be married!" I have two more solid decisions made right now. I am using Shackamaxon catering for our reception. I have tried my share of caterers of course and I just really enjoyed working with them a few times at Bartram's Gardens. They have a great website with lots of ideas for locations to have your wedding, which is also helpful. Believe it or not I have had tons of bad food at weddings. You would think the caterers would feed the other vendors well, for good recommendations of course and for photographers who work 10-12 hour days. But sometimes they skimp out and give us old sandwiches or luke warm lean cuisine looking pasta. So even some big name caterers were crossed off my list for this reason. I am happy about Shackamaxon because they have excellent food at a fair price. Ken, the events director is really nice too. He met us at the Sedgwick theatre and walked through to give us ideas.

and to answer the big questions every one's been asking me........
My photographer is going to be Sarah Miller who has been my second shooter now for about 2 years. Not only does she have a great eye I feel like she has become a friend too. We talk a lot in our car rides together and I feel so at ease with her not only as an employee but as the photographer for my own wedding. We think a like and see certain moments the same. She also has given me several original ideas and opinions through out or time shooting together and we learn from each other. I am excited to have her there and hope this will be a great opportunity for her portfolio too!

I need help with something! A dj! I am a bit of a music snob and I really do not want an average wedding dj. I have heard the same music over and over every weekend. I would rather hire someone that does not usually work weddings, but more of a club or bar dj. We are not doing most of the traditional stuff at the reception, Shawn and I have even been calling this the anti-wedding reception. We also want to find a traditional Irish trio band to play the first hour or so. Anyone know someone!?

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