Monday, July 14, 2008

Jennifer and Matt's wedding

Jennifer and Matt got married at beautiful Winterthur on June 28, 08. The ceremony was outside at the reflecting pond which is full of exotic wildlife and creatures. The grounds are just so lush and full of photographic possibilities. We walked around as much as possible in the heat. Jennifer and Matt picked an incredible background for their intimate wedding.

The bull frogs were croaking all through their ceremony which added some humor.

Check this guy out! He looks hungry!

There was some beautiful light reflecting through the gate.

I am not sure if they are smiling at their guests or at the bullfrog's noises!

I really like when couples give out plants to take home.

The space inside the museum is great for a reception.

The laptop to the left belongs to the bride and groom with photos of them through out the years and the other laptop is mine showing off wedding photos I downloaded at dinner hour. The guests really enjoyed watching both!

Ouch! Break dancing for the crowd always seems like a good idea until it hurts the next day!

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